How to to increase your wind instrument skills efficiently

March 1, 2019

Let’s take a step backward and remember what it used to be when we were children – we played games, enjoyed our leisure time and dreamed big of becoming superheroes, movie stars, or even worldwide renowned musicians. Or all of the above?

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to be famous musicians, performing on live concerts and pleasing the needs of the audience. Whether it’s singing, dancing, playing drums and guitars, or even playing wind instruments, it’s all the same as long as this brings joy to us and to those around us.

Let’s take wind instruments, for example. Many of us actually dedicated a lot of time and efforts in mastering their nuanced features and key elements. You probably know the euphoria when playing the flute like a Greek god, the joy of using the trumpet like a military representative perpetuating their victory, or the goosebumps of blowing the horn like a medieval knight, anticipating the upcoming battle. All these precious emotions are something nobody can give you and, at the same time, nobody can take away from you.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that these wouldn’t be applicable unless one knows how to use wind instruments. As simplistic as they can be in their structure, they require a great amount of time, devotion and hard work for one to master them perfectly.

Additionally, private lessons for such instruments can be a pain in the neck … Finding a proper teacher, booking meetings with them, complying within the time limits they give you, and, most importantly, paying a fortune for all of this might not be the most effective method of them all. As a matter of fact, such instruments fall into the category of premium goods, thus, paying for additional lessons might not be possible for everyone.

Therefore, the major limitations in becoming a professional wind instrument musician are:

  • Hard to improve by yourself – as important as it is to practice hard, there are things that we cannot learn by ourselves and we need professional advice.
  • Time-consuming – dealing with a private teacher might consume plenty of time finding them, scheduling convenient time slots on a weekly basis.
  • Additional incurred cost – now imagine having to pay an hourly fee for all of this. It’s definitely not the most efficient method out there, is it?

So I guess you’re probably wondering right now: “Okay, how do I improve my wind instruments skills in an efficient, yet, an affordable manner”.

Well, the solution might be closer than you think…

Enter: tonestro

tonestro is a playful learning app for wind musicians which gives feedback while practicing and connects musicians worldwide. In other words, it is the world’s first gamified educational application which is to improve people’s wind instruments abilities in an efficient manner.

It is expected that there will be reluctance coming from people who strongly advocate the idea that “machines can never replace mankind” and that “there isn’t a better teacher than a real human”, etc.

In fact, these are not essentially true. Education through applications is getting more and more fame in recent years due to several factors. Let’s take a look at them:

  • It’s more efficient – Based on a recent research, humans tend to learn faster when they’re actively involved in something. By using the tonestro app, they’ll be involved in a gamified educational experience, combining the benefits of practicing and having fun. Therefore, users of such educational apps would perceive higher learning impacts than traditional methods.
  • It’s time-saving – Contrary to the scenario which we mentioned above. Instead of searching for an experienced music teacher online, discussing terms with them, scheduling convenient time slots for both parties, and eventually practicing with them, now you’ll be able to do this without leaving the barriers of own room. Not only that it saves time, but also adds coziness to the whole equation.
  • Cost-effective – tonestro is free to use. There won’t be fees or additionally incurred costs for downloading it and practicing. Unlike in the other case-scenario in which you’ll have to pay a fortune only for a couple of hours per day, now your only limitation would be to charge your phone regularly.
  • It’s up-to-date with society today – We live in the digital world, where technology is booming with innovations and the market is bombarded with thousands of new ideas on a daily basis. At the same time, we want to preserve the way people perceive music and wind instruments. As a result, this future lies within the hands of the children. And the best way to keep them interested is to present them to innovative educational methods, such as this one.


To wrap it up

Educational apps offer a digital doorway between the traditional educational world in which we grew up and a digital one with an opportunity to be grasped. This tendency is rapidly growing and proves to be more efficient because rather than simply mimicking methods considered obsolete, it shapes the future and simplifies lives without sacrificing the quality of what is being earned.

Considering such an app is (1) cost-effective, (2) time-consuming, (3) more comfortable, and (4) extremely efficient.

Simply by using tonestro, you can soon master the nuanced aspects of each wind instrument without worrying about time, resources, and convenience.

Interested in learning more about this musical revolution tool? Then download our app and practice for free.

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