Types of Wind Instruments

February 27, 2019

The music industry has never ceased to amaze its followers. Throughout the years, many new types of instruments were created, resulting in various types of genres being developed, as well. There are various fields, some of which are broad and some of which – are not.

Let’s take the wind instrument industry, for example. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if said that it is one of the largest groups of musical instruments out there. This is because this family of instruments consists of a wide variety of opportunities for one to try out and practice.

This is why we designed an application that supports both brass and woodwind instruments.

Let’s dive together into the nuanced ocean of wind instrument opportunities which tonestro has to offer.

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The Recorder is a woodwind musical instrument extremely famous in the western classical tradition. It was created in Europe in the middle ages but enjoyed large popularity throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods.  The recorder is also known as a flute with a whistle mouthpiece. What differs is is its thumb-hole for the upper hand along with its seven finger-holes.

There are many different recorders out there. Therefore, if you want to learn how to play them amazingly, you’ve come to the right place. Download our recorder app, and let your journey to professionalism begin!


The flute is an internationally renowned instrument from the woodwind group. Unlike the rest, however, this instrument doesn’t have reeds and produces its sound thanks to from the flow of air across the opening. As opposed to its simplistic structure, it takes great expertise for one to master it, as it has numerous nuanced details.

As a matter of fact, attending private lessons to learn it might be time-consuming and costly. This is why we’ve developed an online game aiming to help you train and become better at this. Thus, if you want to improve your flute skills for free, download our flute app and let’s get down to the music.


Clarinet – A woodwind instrument invented in the 1700s in Germany. Years later, even though with many modifications and changes, the clarinet is still one of the most famous wind instruments out there. It has a single-reed mouthpiece, a flared bell, and a straight cylindrical tube.

There are many types of wind instruments, there are also many different types of clarinets, thus, one saying that they’re good at playing it would be ambiguous. However, with tonestro we have created an educational music game. An app, which helps people learn faster the subtle nuances around the clarinet. If you want to learn and thrive completely free of charge, then wait no more and download our clarinet app.


Created and patented in the 1840s in Belgium, the saxophone shares many similarities with the clarinet. It is a popular instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece and many holes which the player closes while playing, thus, controlling the volume and the sound.
It is widely used in classical music, orchestras, military and marching bands, and jazz.

Regardless of its appearance, the saxophone produces incredible music when played accordingly. Therefore, it is extremely important for one to understand how it works. And the best way is through our saxophone app. Not only that it allows you to practice and to become a better saxophonist, but it is also completely free of charge. Do you want to surpass Lisa Simpson’s saxophone abilities? You’ve come to the right place.


Trumpet – An amazing brass instrument that has an established legacy throughout the years. Welcome to the world of trumpet players, where there are more than ten different types of trumpets. They differ from one another and are categorized according to their size, the material used to design them and, most importantly, the quality of sound they can deliver.

This is why we’ve developed the world’s first educational music game for trumpets. Do you want to be a professional trumpet player and to practice, learn, and have fun at the same time? Then download our trumpet app, and let’s dive together into this adventure!


The French horn is made of a metal curved tube and with two ends – one narrow from which the player blows, and one wide end from which the sound emerges. As similar is it is to the trumpet, the sound here is conical, not cylindrical.

This wind instrument finds its practice mostly in jazz and in the army (we’ve all seen action movies where protagonists call for aid while blowing a horn). As simple as it may seem at first, producing good sounds takes skills, which are difficult to be obtained. Not to mention that finding a good private teacher at a convenient hourly rate might be a pain in the neck. What if we told you that there’s a solution to this? Go to our horn app, and you’ll be able to enjoy a mixture of practical lessons and fun. And do you know what’s the best part? It is completely free! Without further due, download our app and let your French horn lessons begin!


The euphonium is a cousin of the trumpet – a brass instrument that derives its name from Ancient Greece and is almost identical to the baritone. Both are large conical-bore valved instruments famous for their wide acceptance in various military marches due to its high tone and volume. As with the French horn, the flugelhorn, and the tuba, the tubing of the euphonium and baritone gradually increases in diameter throughout its length. This, in turn, results in a majestic, yet gentle sound, highly appreciated in the world of music and of wind instruments.

People able to play the euphonium and the baritone are something rare, as they’re truly capacious instruments which require a lot of dedication and hard work. Additionally, private lessons might be pretty expensive and time-consuming. This is why we’ve launched the world’s first educational app for euphonium and baritone. One can download the euphonium app, practice these two instruments for free, and develop their skills without leaving the cozy spot on their coach. Ready? Let’s rock.


The trombone is a widespread wind instrument in the brass family. Its origins came from Europe and it became widely used during the Renaissance period. The trombone’s name is derived from Italy and means “Large Trumpet”. Unlike the rest of the valved instruments, this one has a cylindrical bore and it differs in its sounding. In contrast to its rough visual appearance, the large trumpet’s sound is very melodic and this led to it being widely used in romantic works.

Our tonestro app supports the Trombone, too. Anyone can download it for free, practice, have fun, and learn how to improve their skills. With our trombone app, one can quickly grow from a beginner to a renowned trombonist legend. How cool is that? Download our app, and start improving.


The tuba is the largest and, at the same time, the lowest-pitched musical wind instrument in the renowned brass family. Like the rest, its sound is produced from a lip vibration. It is patented in Prussia in 1835 and is known to be used mostly in the military during ceremonies. Due to the addition of valves to it, the tuba has a uniquely low-pitched tone, applicable for harmonic music.

However, it takes a lot of experience and time for one to play it like a professional. This is why we are here to help! With our latest app, playing brass and woodwind instruments has never been easier. This is the ultimate tool for one to practice, learn, and develop at playing the tuba without having to leave the comfort zone of their home or having to pay a fortune for private lessons. All you need to do is to download our tuba app and to start your journey to development, young tuba player!


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